Okay, if you really want to know how all this started…

Together with two friends I started the Scene Report fanzine about two years ago. Obviously the name came from the H2O song. At first it was a just-for-fun free-time-project, but as the zine got bigger and bigger I had to invest a lot more time and money. Don’t get me wrong, the fanzine always was and still is a lot of fun – if it’s not fun I quit! Yes, I lost a couple of bucks, but gained tons of fun and countless unforgettable memories. I decided to do something new and started working on a cd-rom issue in order to replace the printed version. I released one cd issue early 2000, after that I concentrated on the internet and it´s possibilities. That was the story in (very) short terms but I think it’ll do.

This website is not the website of the Scene Report fanzine, since I want it to be different. I try to include more personal articles and I also want to cover some political topics. Don’t be afraid, the main part is still interviews and reviews. I don’t want to limit this site to a special music- or lifestyle, I just want to feature and foster stuff I like and that’s almost exclusively hardcore/punk/emo. I’m curious if you can convince me of something different… It goes without saying that all the review-stuff you send in for the Scene Report will be featured on this site.

For some reasons the layout of the site is pretty simple. First, because I like it that way and I like pages that don´t take forever to load, second because I’m not very talented at this and last but not least because my hardware sucks! Anyway, I’m more than satisfied and I hope so are you. I’m really looking forward to your feedback, don’t forget to drop me a line. Please do not pollute the guest-book too much and don’t steal interviews or reviews! You know what happens if you break that oath!? I don’t know yet, but I’ll imagine something…

This site is called “STILL HOLDING ON!” because I love Ten Yard Fight. Probably my favourrite hardcore bands of all times.

If you’re interested in link- or banner exchange, if you’ve stuff to review, if you’re part of an interesting organization trying to change the world for the better, if you’re member of a band that fits in here or if you just think I can help you out don’t hesitate to contact me! Yes, I think that’s it for this time.